Shareholder relations

Nornickel maintains an active dialogue with a wide universe of Russian and international investors and security analysts. The Company holds regular conference calls and meetings with investors, participates in investment conferences and organises site visits to the Company’s production facilities. Nornickel also holds an annual Capital Markets Day where its senior management discusses strategic development.

In 2022, the Company remained committed to global best practice for disclosure, using an array of disclosure tools, including press releases, presentations, annual and sustainability reports, corporate action notices, as well as interactive tools. Nornickel provides parallel disclosure both in Russian and in English. Materials for investors are available in the Investors section of the Company website.


Nornickel held more than 100 meetings and calls with investors in 2022

In 2022, Nornickel jump-started its retail investor strategy:

  • setting up and developing its account on Tinkoff’s Pulse to provide timely updates on Nornickel’s corporate events, available to all users of Tinkoff Investments brokerage accounts
  • participating in Dialogues with Retail Investors
  • participating in the Smart-Lab conference for private investors
  • updating the investor section onthe Company website.

In 2022, in line with its retail investor strategy, Nornickel’s team held online conferences for clients of major Russian brokers and took part in the annual conference organised by Smart-Lab, Russia’s largest investment community that brings together private investors and traders. As part of its efforts to enhance communication with retail investors, Nornickel runs a blog on the SMART LAB, Pulse and Profit platforms where it posts the most important Company news along with financial and operating results and answers questions from market participants.

In the reporting period, the number of Nornickel retail investors increased by 82% to 388 thousand, with their share in its shareholding structure up almost 50% year-on-year to 10% of the total authorised capital. The Company plans to increase the share of retail investors to 25% in the long term, including through its employee incentive programme.